Welcome to Yercaud, a magical hill station nestled in the Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu, India. Yercaud’s lush surroundings, serene scenery, and pleasant weather make it an excellent location for nature lovers and anybody seeking a peaceful getaway.

SKYPARK YERCAUD : the Enchanting World of thrill and adventure

sky pARK
To enter into a world of pure enchantment visit SKYPARK YERACUD, where adventure meets nature. Offering a wide range of thrilling adventure rides, sky bounce trampoline park, and theme park activity. Along With the best place visited in yercaud is the incredible Glass Sky Walk spot has blossomed into attraction that allows visitors to engage with nature while they are above ground.

Yercaud Lake : Serenity found by the shimmering waters.

The scenery is picture-perfect, with the crystal-clear waterways reflecting the mountains. Nestled by gardens and well-wooded trees, the pool offers a peaceful and restful atmosphere. Enjoy a moment of absolute serenity by paddling around the lake.

Deer Park: A walk with nature and wildlife


For all who is fond of nature and animals, The Deer Park is an excellent spot. where visitors can take in the beautiful views of the hills while their children explore the various activities available. The park features lush gardens in the splendour of nature and wildlife.

Lady’s Seat: Take a seat with a view


When night falls, this rock’s splendour intensifies greatly. The most breathtaking sunset views are found from Lady’s Seat in the evening. The lady’s seat is actually a rock that has been shaped into a seat, giving it a cozy appearance. Offering breathtaking views of the surrounding clouds, mists, and greenery.

Kiliyur waterfall: Dreams that cascade meet the rocks


If you want to feel refreshed and remove the stress from everyday life, Visit this serene Kiliyur waterfalls. The mesmerizing majesty 300-foot-tall waterfall is regarded as one of India’s most stunning waterfalls, will make a lasting impression on your mind and heart.

Bears Cave: Exploring earth’s secret chambers


Hidden behind in the rough embrace of the earth. Bear cave is believed to be created by the bears and according to the primitive people of this surrounding, opens up as a mysterious doorway leading to another realm.

32-km Loop Road: Always take the scenic route

Would you like to have your heart filled with fascinating culture, life’s essence, traces of history, and the hill station’s unique developments? The 32-kilometer Loop Road passes through villages where one can sample various coffee blends and get an insight into food, languages, and way of life of the locals.

Tipperary View Point: "Elevate your perspective along your ride”

view point
Add this spot on your list. Travelling through the Tipperary view point you will be able to see visually pleasing trees and lush green pathways along the journey. The dazzling white elephant rocks, which are the result of meteorite deposits, are visible here.

Kottachedu Teak Forest: Take a walk on the wild side


If you are curious to know how evolution has changed the world, the Kottachedu Teak Forest is one of the must visit places in Yercaud. The Kottachedu teak forest rich in nature and wildlife, will take you back in time and show you how people lived before the adoption of all modern technology.

Orchidarium: Fragile beauty of nature

If you’re a person who loves to admire orchids then this is the right place to visit in yercaud. An orchid garden with a variety of rare and exotic orchids. The main attractions of this orchid garden include the magnificent “Insect Eating Pitcher” plants and the “Neelakurinji” plant, which blooms only once every twelve years.

Adventure Rides

Aquarium Tunnel

Skypark Yercaud has expanded its attractions with a mesmerizing tunnel aquarium.....

sky bounce

Sky Bounce

Discover an exhilarating world of fun and adventure at Sky Bounce Trampoline Park....

Roller Coaster Zipline

For adrenaline junkies, the roller coaster zipline is one of the most thrilling attractions...

Glass Sky Walk

This thrilling feature of Sky Park is a transparent Glass sky walk which is built 100 ft above the ground.....

Highest Coffee Shop in Yercaud

This thrilling feature of Sky Park is a transparent Glass sky walk.....

Enchanted Forest/Night Park

Enchanted Forest is a beautiful and fascinating space.....


Our charming interactive exotic bird park is a tranquil oasis for bird lovers and nature enthusiasts.....

Landscape Garden

It is a marvellous display of nature's splendour, carefully curated and thoughtfully designed......

Topiary Garden

The garden features a remarkable artistry of topiary, where artificial grass is sculpted.....

The Tree of Life

This tree is a testament to human creativity and artistry, with its majestic trunk and sprawling branches.....

Sky Cycling

Sky Cycling is a thrilling activity that allows visitors to bike through the park while enjoying stunning....

Sky Surfing

Sky Surfing is a must-try activity at Sky Park. It involves standing on a board, which is attached to a zip line.....

Low and High Rope Adventures

The Park has something for everyone, including kids and adults....

Laser Light Show - Night Park

The laser light show is one of the most popular attractions at the Sky Park....

Mystery Tunnel

The mystery tunnel at Sky Park is a unique and thrilling experience that visitors won't want to miss....

Time Travel

Sky Parks presents an outstanding opportunity for visitors to witness both the past and the future....

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