An amusement park is a magnificent place where happiness blooms at every turn. It unfolds like a fantasy, tucked away amid mesmerizing scenery and inviting adventurers to embark on incredible adventures. Explore the best amusement parks in Tamil Nadu. Where every moment is filled with the promise of pure delight and the ordinary makes way to the extraordinary.

Queens Land, Chennai


With an abundance of attractions aimed at captivating visitors and keeping them fully engaged all day, Queensland is a fascinating amusement park located in Chennai, has a wide appeal, attracting guests of all ages to enjoy its heart-pounding attractions, which include a variety of thrilling coasters, slides, and other attractions.

Activities: Thrilling Rides, Live Performances, water pools, Indoor games.

VGP Universal Kingdom, Chennai


Chennai’s VGP Universal Kingdom is a well-known resort and amusement park. It has a variety of thrilling rides, live performances, a water park (VGP Aqua Kingdom), and exquisitely designed gardens. The park is well-known for its wide range of kid-friendly attractions, resort-style amenities, and beach access to its guests.

Activities: Thrilling Rides, Live Performances, Water Park (VGP Aqua Kingdom), Exquisitely Designed Gardens, Kid-Friendly Attractions, Resort-style Amenities.

Black Thunder, Chennai

Black Thunder

Discover a remarkable fusion of enjoyment, thrill, and exploration at Black Thunder, near Ooty. Nestled amidst the scenic Nilgiri Hills, this attraction offers spectacular wet and dry rides, boat excursions, mud karting, and a relaxing guesthouse. This is the ultimate vacation spot, true to its tagline of “Great Place and Great Fun.”

Activities: Water Slides, Wave Pools, Lazy Rivers, Amusement Park Rides, Roller Coasters, Boat Excursions, Mud Karting.

MGM Dizzee World, Chennai


Prepare yourself for an exciting journey to MGM Dizzee World in Chennai, where guests of all ages enjoy a variety of adrenaline rides, water slides, and engaging performances. The amusement park promises a fun-filled experience whether you’re riding roller coasters or splashing around in water activities. Want to experience excitement and fun, MGM Dizzee World is a must-visit location since live performances offer an additional level of entertainment.

Activities: Thrilling Rides, Water Slides and Pools, Live Performances, Kids’ Rides, Amusement Games, Diverse Cuisine.

Skypark Yercaud


SKYPARK YERCAUD offers moments of serenity amid the thrill, a perfect balance to the adrenaline rush. The park guarantees endless fun with its exhilarating rides and fascinating attractions. Take a relaxing stroll on the iconic “Glass Sky Walk,” which offers a spectacular walk in the sky, for a peaceful respite amidst the activity.

Activities: Adventure Rides, Sky Bounce, Nature Trails and Scenic Attractions, Butterfly Garden, Landscape Garden, Enchanted Forest/Night Park, Aviary, Topiary Garden, Tree of Life, Laser Light Show, Mystery Tunnel, Time Travel.

Adventure Rides

Aquarium Tunnel

Skypark Yercaud has expanded its attractions with a mesmerizing tunnel aquarium.....

sky bounce

Sky Bounce

Discover an exhilarating world of fun and adventure at Sky Bounce Trampoline Park....

Roller Coaster Zipline

For adrenaline junkies, the roller coaster zipline is one of the most thrilling attractions...

Glass Sky Walk

This thrilling feature of Sky Park is a transparent Glass sky walk which is built 100 ft above the ground.....

Highest Coffee Shop in Yercaud

This thrilling feature of Sky Park is a transparent Glass sky walk.....

Enchanted Forest/Night Park

Enchanted Forest is a beautiful and fascinating space.....


Our charming interactive exotic bird park is a tranquil oasis for bird lovers and nature enthusiasts.....

Landscape Garden

It is a marvellous display of nature's splendour, carefully curated and thoughtfully designed......

Topiary Garden

The garden features a remarkable artistry of topiary, where artificial grass is sculpted.....

The Tree of Life

This tree is a testament to human creativity and artistry, with its majestic trunk and sprawling branches.....

Sky Cycling

Sky Cycling is a thrilling activity that allows visitors to bike through the park while enjoying stunning....

Sky Surfing

Sky Surfing is a must-try activity at Sky Park. It involves standing on a board, which is attached to a zip line.....

Low and High Rope Adventures

The Park has something for everyone, including kids and adults....

Laser Light Show - Night Park

The laser light show is one of the most popular attractions at the Sky Park....

Mystery Tunnel

The mystery tunnel at Sky Park is a unique and thrilling experience that visitors won't want to miss....

Time Travel

Sky Parks presents an outstanding opportunity for visitors to witness both the past and the future....

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