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Taking your students on a trip can be an enriching experience that enhances their learning and provides memorable adventures. Salem in Tamil Nadu is well-positioned near several destinations that are perfect for student-friendly trips. Here are the top 5 spots near Salem that offer a mix of adventure, natural beauty, and cultural experiences.


Glass Sky Walk in Yercaud

Yercaud, a tranquil hill station in Tamil Nadu regarded as the “Jewel of the South,” students can take a welcome respite from studying. They can take a boat ride on Yercaud Lake, go hiking to Kiliyur Falls, and tour the botanical gardens. Skypark Yercaud offers thrilling activities like ziplining and rope courses in addition ” Glass Sky Walk” a tranquil stroll above the skies with breath-taking panoramic views. Yercaud is a fantastic destination for student vacations because it provides the ideal ratio of natural beauty, leisure, and action. Distance from Salem: 30 km

Kurumbapatti Zoological Park

Kurumbapatti Zoological Park

Kurumbapatti Zoological Park, located is located just 6 km from Salem, is a serene and interesting day trip destination because it is home to a variety of animal and bird species. The park provides information on wildlife and conservation in a calm setting, making it the perfect choice for students and nature lovers.

Distance from Salem: 6 km

Sankagiri Fort

Sankagiri Fort

Students have a unique chance to learn about the rich history of Tamil Nadu by visiting the gorgeous and historic Sankagiri Fort. Students are encouraged to be active and work together on the hike to the fort, which is an adventure in and of itself. Students can have a picnic with packed lunches at the summit and enjoy the expansive views of the surrounding area.

Distance from Salem: 35 km

Paravasa Ulagam Water Theme Park

Paravasa Ulagam Water Theme Park

A fun one-day excursion close to Salem is the Paravasa Ulagam Water Theme Park, which is sure to delight students. This park has the ideal balance of exhilarating water rides, entertaining amusements, and daring adventures. It promises an exciting and joyful day with a wide variety of entertainment options. Paravasa Ulagam is a great place for school visits since it offers a fun and safe atmosphere.

Distance from Salem: 35 km

Anna Park in Yercaud

Anna Park in Yercaud

Anna Park in Yercaud offers an exceptional mix of natural beauty, recreational delights, and educational insights, making it an ideal destination for an unforgettable one-day adventure trip for students. Whether relishing a delightful picnic, meandering through the vibrant gardens, or frolicking in the park’s play areas, students are bound to create lasting memories and revel in the immersive experience at Anna Park

Distance from Salem: 20 km

Adventure Rides

Aquarium Tunnel

Skypark Yercaud has expanded its attractions with a mesmerizing tunnel aquarium.....

sky bounce

Sky Bounce

Discover an exhilarating world of fun and adventure at Sky Bounce Trampoline Park....

Roller Coaster Zipline

For adrenaline junkies, the roller coaster zipline is one of the most thrilling attractions...

Glass Sky Walk

This thrilling feature of Sky Park is a transparent Glass sky walk which is built 100 ft above the ground.....

Highest Coffee Shop in Yercaud

This thrilling feature of Sky Park is a transparent Glass sky walk.....

Enchanted Forest/Night Park

Enchanted Forest is a beautiful and fascinating space.....


Our charming interactive exotic bird park is a tranquil oasis for bird lovers and nature enthusiasts.....

Landscape Garden

It is a marvellous display of nature's splendour, carefully curated and thoughtfully designed......

Topiary Garden

The garden features a remarkable artistry of topiary, where artificial grass is sculpted.....

The Tree of Life

This tree is a testament to human creativity and artistry, with its majestic trunk and sprawling branches.....

Sky Cycling

Sky Cycling is a thrilling activity that allows visitors to bike through the park while enjoying stunning....

Sky Surfing

Sky Surfing is a must-try activity at Sky Park. It involves standing on a board, which is attached to a zip line.....

Low and High Rope Adventures

The Park has something for everyone, including kids and adults....

Laser Light Show - Night Park

The laser light show is one of the most popular attractions at the Sky Park....

Mystery Tunnel

The mystery tunnel at Sky Park is a unique and thrilling experience that visitors won't want to miss....

Time Travel

Sky Parks presents an outstanding opportunity for visitors to witness both the past and the future....

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