Best Adventure Tourist Places in Yercaud

The Sky Park project is truly one-of-a-kind visionary concept that offers a blend of excitement, relaxation and natural beauty, which will lay foundation for a homegrown world class tourist destination to promote and perpetuate Tamilnadu’s resurgent tourism industry and fortify regional and global tourism.

The Park spans over an area of 7 acres – a medley of greenery and shaded spaces add to it’s beauty making it an ideal destination for recreation, comfort, and leisure. This proposed multi-level recreational area, offering panoramic views of the surrounding Hill-scape, is designed to provide a unique and innovative experience for visitors and residents alike fostering the community’s quality of life through exposure to nature and outdoor recreation.

Geared to entertain both kids and adults, this adventure park initiative hopes to instill a love for the great outdoor escapades and inspire respect for nature through a range of exciting and challenging activities.

Our goal is to create a Sky Park that provides visitors a truly unforgettable experience offering an eccentric combination of natural beauty and a range of thrilling adventures set against the backdrop of lush greenery and a touch of history.

The Park will feature a wide variety of activities along with interactive exhibits and attractions that allow visitors to engage with nature in a fun and educational way.

The project is more than just a tourist attraction, it focusses on boosting the local economy of Yercaud. In pursuit of this goal, we are exclusively employing only locals for the project to generate job opportunities for the community. Our vision is to elevate Yercaud from a single-day destination to a two-day destination, which will not only increase the revenue for the government through tourism but also help the people of Yercaud to thrive economically.

Our key objective is to develop Yercaud as a world-class tourist destination, promoting and strengthening Tamilnadu’s tourism industry and Economy

The Teams


Mr. Sridhar Muthusamy

Sridhar is a multifaceted professional who excels as an ornithologist, visionary, communicator, designer, hotelier, restaurateur, adventurist and an ecologist. He has a special ability to connect with his environment and use his knowledge of science and design to develop innovative and practical spaces that are both functional and inspirational. With over 20 years of experience in designing and developing projects that celebrate local heritage from a modern perspective, he has created spaces that evoke hospitality while adorning the sheer beauty of nature.
He has a deep understanding of the technical and environmental aspects of landscape architecture. Moreover, as a designer, he has an artistic eye that allows him to create beautiful and eccentric spaces. His resorts, the 'Green Fort Inn' in Yercaud & the '16 Degrees Resort' in Kodaikanal, India, exhibit his unique ability to craft functional and practical spaces that inspire.


Mr. Selvasekaran Sulur

Selvasekaran otherwise known as Sekar, a passionate & experienced organic agriculturist, has been working in the field for over [30] years. As a strong advocate for sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural practices, Sekar has dedicated his career to promoting organic farming methods and reducing the impact of agriculture on the environment.
Sekar has a deep understanding of soil health, crop rotation, and pest management techniques that are essential for organic farming. He has implemented a variety of innovative and effective strategies in his own farm, resulting in increased yields and better-quality crops. As a consultant, Sekar has also provided advice and guidance to numerous farmers and organizations interested in transitioning to organic farming.
Sekar is also very experienced in converting dry land into fertile soil for agriculture.
Sekar is a partner at the 2 popular bird parks 'Kookyland' at Mettupalayam and 'Capt.Chirpys' at Bathalagundu.

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